American Legion Post 71 

600 N Grant St  
Cabot, AR 72023  
(501) 203-5715  

History of Post 71

Below is a photo of the Post's namesake Ross Robinson (middle row, far right) taken during WW1.  Photo is from the collection at Lonoke County Museum.

Click Here to See Draft Registration of Robinson

Click Here to See Draft Registration of Criswell

Our post was named after Ross H. Robinson and Leland O. Criswell, both WWI veterans from the area.

An "Application for Post", to be named Criswell-Robinson Post 71, was made on December, 2, 1929 with the following membership names:

J. E. Tisdale
Fred Simmons
Clyde C. Jones
Warner Powell Clark
E. Hagaman
R. H. Pickard
E. W. Martin
H. E. Bryant
R. B. Duckworth
W. E. Marshall
E. L. Waymack
Joe D. Robinson
T. B. Monk
G. D. Howell
Bill Roberts
Roscoe Hall

Application for Permanent Charter was made on January 7, 1938 and listed the following officers and members of the post:

Commander - Richard Glasscock
Adjutant - Marshall H. Bellamy
Historian - Edgar Hagaman
Service Officer - Charlie W. Robinson

"Charter Membership Roll" has list of members as:

Earl Adams
Marshall H. Bellamy
Linwood E. Cook
Cyclone D. Davis
Fred Guyot
Richard Glasscock
Edgar Hagaman
George D. Howell
Clyde C. Jones
Caddie Kunitz
Thomas B. Monk
William E. Marshall
Howard Martin
Harry R. Prettyman
Charles W. Robinson
Fred Simmons
Lenord G. Teague
Enis L. Waymack


Past Post Commanders of Post 71

1929 - J. E. Tisdale
1933-1934 - W. H. Roberts
1937 - T. B. Monk
1938 - Richard Glasscock
1939 - W. B. Marshall
1940 - Allie N. Cook
1942 - Richard Glasscock
1943 - T. B. Monk
1946 - Charles W. Robinson
1947 - Lewis Smith
1948-1949 - Charles R. Templeton Jr.
1950 - James G. Simons
1951 - Charles J. Rice
1952 - Earl Cherry
1971 - Richard Glasscock
Phil Foster
Earl Cherry
Earl Cherry
Charles George
J. O. Issac
Jack Fitshugh, Sr.

2005-2006 - Earl Cherry
2006-2007 - Jim Mathis
2007-2008 - Joe McGloflin
2008-2009 - Kenny Ridgeway
2009-2010 - Wayne Womack
2010-2011 - Alan Hill
2011-2012 - Wayne Womack/Art Mason
2012-2014 - Ron Bissett
2014-2015 - James Sanders
2016-2018 - William "Doc" Sheets
2019-2021 - Joe McGloflin
2022-Present - Chuck Eick





We invite anyone with pictures or stories about our Post to please contact us by email or by  calling the post at (501) 203-5715.  We have lost much of our old documents, pictures, and stories and would welcome any and all help.

Post Historian:  Art Mason

Ross Robinson
(back row, far right) taken in France during WW1.  Photo is from the collection at Lonoke County Museum.

We wish to thank Sherryl Miller at the Lonoke County Museum for her recent assistance in obtaining the photos of Ross Robinson, the only photos the Post has of him.